vmd-xplor NMR Visualization

The vmd-xplor package is a combination of the X-PLOR structure determination program and VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) - a freely available molecular visualization program. This package allows manual manipulation of the protein structures to satisfy experimental NMR data, and can also be used to visualize the goodness of fit of a particular model to given restraints.


Charles D. Schwieters and G. Marius Clore, ``The VMD-XPLOR Visualization Package for NMR Structure Refinement,'' J. Magn. Res., 149, 239-244 (2001) .

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VMD-XPLOR Tutorial - Example walkthroughs.

current version: 1.17

Version 1.14 or higher is required when using with Xplor-NIH version 3.0 or newer.

Note: For versions 1.2 and newer, you must download xplor-nih separately, and specify its location during installation of vmd-xplor.

New features:
Supported Hardware Platforms

Functionality added to X-PLOR:
Functionality Added to VMD:

Thanks to: summer student Devtulya Kavathekar for his work on the most recent release of VMD-XPLOR.
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question/comments? Contact charles.schwieters@nih.gov .
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